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We Never Sleep Proofreading(SM)


* 776,062 pages read since November 2002 *

Crusader (owner)

Experienced proofreader with paralegal certificate and medical background available for your proofreading needs. 

In addition to straight proofreading utilizing an errata sheet, I can proofread with or without spot-check audio and make corrections directly in Case CATalyst 17 and digitalCAT software.  Also now proofreading using iAnnotate PDF upon request!  Please call or e-mail me for rates and references.

  • Depositions
  • Civil / criminal state / federal court trials & hearings
  • Congressional hearings
  • U.S. International Trade Commission matters / hearings
  • Speeches
  • Meetings
  • Websites
  • Album liner notes
  • Screenplays
Licensing / Membership Information:
*County of Riverside Fictitious Business Name Statement: #R-2014-02989
Exp. 3-25-19
*Dun & Bradstreet: #82-737-5143

Business Philosophy

Customer satisfaction is my number one priority. 

Testimonials (unsolicited)

"I have used his services for several years and have been extremely pleased.  He has always met deadlines, is very thorough, and provides great service...He uses current references and does an excellent job." -Chuck W. Motter, CCR, RDR, Missouri (2006 to present)

"I pay you to be anal!" -BAB, California (Oct 2015)

"Great job, Crusader.  I MEAN - OUTSTANDING!" -TYT, Texas (Nov 2014) 

"Thank you so much!  Excellent corrections.  Very good eye!  Maybe I can learn some things from you." -LMM, California (Aug 2012) 

"So happy with Crusader's proofing!  I had 'Fraud' instead of the name 'Faride,' and he caught it!" -JLG, California (Aug 2012)

"You give such good English lessons; one time I started a list (actually several times) so I could remember your advice." -CJW, Texas (Oct 2011) 

"I appreciate your proofreading knowledge!" -TJM, Louisiana (August 2011)

"Great job on this transcript . . . I'm learning a lot from you!" -PAK, Mass. (March 2011)

"I am so glad I found you because I had never come across someone as professional as you . . . . Thanks again." -DMC, Texas (April 2010)

"I really did a horrible job of scoping and proofing this one. You caught some great errors!" -RDB, California (December 2009)

"I've been reporting for 24 years and now, thanks to you, look like a seasoned professional.  You rock!" -PJB, New Jersey (December 2008)

"We Never Sleep Proofreading provided us with proofreading services for our web site and automated e-mails. We are very pleased with the professionalism and quality of the job." -Pointofmail.com Management Team, Israel (May 2008)

“I can't thank you enough for proofreading the doctor's depo for me.  You are great at what you do!” -DC, Ohio (April 2008)

"Your attention to detail is very much appreciated...Your work ethic is commendable."
-JLN, Nevada (February 2008)

"I have a theme song for your business:  'Simply the Best,' by Tina Turner."
-JAG, New York

"You are worth your weight in gold!" 
-MG, California

"Thanks for such a great job this year [2004].  It's my most productive year yet, and I couldn't have done it without you." -DD, Arizona

"Believe me, you're the best proofreader I've ever had!" 
-LO, Texas

"You proofread just how I would have. I think I have a lifelong relationship that just started." -DS, Texas

"This one was edited by someone else, so be extra picky!  Of course, you're already pretty picky, and that's what makes you a good proofreader!" 
-RB, Kentucky

"Just want to thank you for your great job proofing. 
I can't believe the stuff I miss."
-DAE, California

My Environment & Equipment

I live in a very quiet environment with few disruptions so that I can give your assignment my utmost attention.

Utilizing E-Transcript I enlarge the font to 16 point before printing deposition transcripts because this helps with accuracy.

Laser printer is an HP 2200D and I keep it in great shape. My new (2012) Dell computer is  powerful and reliable. 

My Reference Materials (Paper Format)
rev. 10-26-10
The Gregg Reference Manual (Ninth Ed.), By William A. Sabin
+  +  +
Morson's English Guide for Court Reporters (Second Edition), By Lillian I. Morson
+  +  +
The Proofreading Manual:  A Guide for Court Reporters, Scopists and Proofreaders (NCRA Press), By Peggy Armstrong
+  +  +
Punctuation for Court Reporters (NCRA Press)
+  +  +
Grammar for Court Reporters (NCRA Press)
+  +  +
One Word, Two Words, Hyphenated? (NCRA Press), By Mary Louise Gilman
+  +  +
NTC's Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions (Third Ed.), By Richard A. Spears, PhD
+  +  +
A Dictionary of Homophones (Barron's), By Leslie Presson
+  +  +
COMMA SENSE (St. Martin's Press, 2005), By Richard Lederer and John Shore
+  +  +
The Politics, Elections, Government, Military, and Criminal Handbook for Reporters and Captioners (First Ed., 1995), By M. Monette Benoit
+ + +
Urban Dictionary (Andrews McNeel Publishing, LLC 2005), Compiled by Aaron Peckham
+ + +      

My Reference Materials (eBook & Online Format)
rev. 12-5-07
The Gregg Reference Manual [online] (Tenth Ed.), By William A. Sabin
+  +  +
Bryson's Dictionary of Troublesome Words (2002, Random House), By Bill Bryson
+  +  +
One Letter Words (2005, HarperCollins), By Craig Conley
+  +  +
Random House Webster's Pocket Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation (2nd Ed., 2001)
+  +  +
Sin and Syntax (1999, Broadway Books), By Constance Hale
+  +  +
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Grammar and Style (1997, Penguin Group, Inc.), By Laurie Rozakis
+  +  +
The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage (1999, Random House), By Allan M. Siegal and William G. Connolly

Online Reference Materials
+  +  +
American Heritage
+  +  +
+ + +
Collins English Dictionary (aka World English Dictionary)
+ + +
+  +  + 
+  +  +
+  +  +
Princeton (WordNet)
+  +  +
Random House
+  +  +
+  +  +
NetLingo.com (computer terminology)
+  +  +
MelissaData.com (for street names and related info)
+  +  +
UrbanDictionary.com (slang)
+  +  +
+  +  +
Numerous medical, legal, and general information web sites.

  • National Court Reporters Association (Associate Member)

Typos in Cyberspace 
February 19, 2011 
UPI (London):
"Ferguson's daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, are clos with both
William and Kate and will be on the guest list, the Telegraph said." 
Agence France- Presse, 5:11 PM EST:
"Space weather could wreak havoc in gagdet-driven world" 
+ + + 
February 11, 2011
The Desert Sun (Palm Springs, CA):
"Leaders of the Coachella Valley's top tourism industry group
asked Riverside County to drop Rancho Mirage City Councilman
Scott Hines as a facilitator in the Whitewater jail siting controversy." 
 + + +
January 29, 2011
KTLA-TV 5 online story re Taco Bell:
"The ad goes on to explain that their meet is 88 perfect beef . . ." 
 + + + 
January 26, 2011
L.A. Now (Los Angeles Times):
"A lawsuit filed in Orange County by a Jewish hockey player
drafted by the Ducks claims he was the victim of religious descrimination." 
 + + +
January 18, 2011
City News Service headline:
"Santa police investigating fatal officer-involved shooting," which should have been
"Santa Ana," a city in Southern California. 
Blockbuster website:
"Account Updates
"Changes to your billing amount will not take affect until your next billing date."
*same typo appears more than once on their site.
+ + + 
October 26, 2010
From Twitter
"Get a SMART Recovery 2011 Wall Calendar! All photos donated by partipants!"
+ + + 
September 2010
U-Stor-It storage facility e-mail:
"We are trying to help you avoid any other chargers from being added to your balance."
+ + +
Headline from Associated Press:
"Bodyguard takes stand at Anna Nicicole trial,
By LINDA DEUTSCH, AP Special Correspondent,
Published: Friday, Aug. 6, 2010 - 10:05 am."
+ + +
August 2, 2010
Grace Digital Audio support boilerplate email:
"If you are satified with your response and wish to
close this ticket, please click on the link below."
+ + +
August 1, 2010
Logitech customer support boilerplate email:
"We will assume your issue has been resolved if
we do not hear from you within 240 hours."
+ + +
Headline from Associated Press:
"Former SoCal deputy sentenced for roll in
killings, Saturday, Jul. 31, 2010 - 5:41 pm."



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